Safe Construction Work Tips: Traffic Management in Gold Coast


When it comes to safety on construction sites within Australia, there are many issues to keep in mind. But one of the most important areas of consideration concerns traffic management in Gold Coast and the design of traffic management plans.


Needless to say, every construction site is different in its own right. Some of the aspects you need to consider include whether there’s traffic on the construction site or just near and what actual type of traffic there is – for instance, are there any cars, trucks or pedestrians on the site.


If you own or simply work for a construction company, there’s a ton of things you have to be aware of. This article will hopefully help you deal with traffic management in Gold Coast.

Biggest Safety Issues for Traffic Management in Gold Coast

Every construction site has some traffic movement. Certain places where vehicles and pedestrians cross paths are the most problematic. For instance, accidents often occur in places where loading and unloading happen.


That’s why you need to develop a full-fledged traffic management plan. Now, when you’re working on your plan, you have considered all the road users and people in the area. You should talk with workers and see if they have any suggestions.


You should look at what’s needed for the loading, construction and work zone area from the viewpoint of actual workers and builders. But you should also consider the safety of pedestrians and motorists that may be driving alongside your construction site.

How to Address Traffic Management in Gold Coast

As I said before, there’s a number of safety problems and challenges construction workers face on a daily basis. Bellow, you have the crucial steps to managing traffic securely on a construction site:


  • You need to make sure that vehicles and pedestrians are kept apart. This includes keeping them separate both on site and when vehicles enter and exit the workplace
  • Talk to the drivers and find a way to reduce vehicle movements. Also, you should try to eliminate the need for the drivers to reverse in order to avoid any accidents
  • Make sure that pedestrians and vehicle drivers are visible to each other at all times. This will require the use of certain safety clothes, markers, and mirrors

Avoid Basic Plans for Traffic Management in Gold Coast

The biggest mistake is to use generic traffic management plans without studying your construction site and assessing its current condition. This can cause serious problems because unexpected problems can crop up at any time. Some the things your plan should include are:


  • Specifically designed paths for both pedestrians and vehicles
  • Designed loading, unloading and delivery areas
  • Precise requirements for special vehicles such as mobile cranes
  • The responsibilities of workers managing the construction site
  • Special instructions for handling traffic in case of an emergency


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