Vacuum Excavation in Gold Coast: What is Vacuum Excavation and How It Works?

If you’ve ever wondered what vacuum excavation is, I’m here to give you a quick explanation. From time to time, roadside utilities need a repair or two. As you’re probably aware even a slightly damaged pipeline can lead to a full-blown disaster – huge water leaks, gas explosions and a number of other events. Working out these problems is not easy – you need manpower, someone to manage the traffic and a number of other resources. That’s why companies like Get Vacced, which offers vacuum excavation and traffic control on the Gold Coast, can help you so much.

What exactly is Vacuum Excavation?

In essence, vacuum excavation is a digging method that uses vacuuming to break any material apart using air or high-pressure water. Some people refer to this method as “soft digging”, and it’s commonly accepted as a method far safer than manual digging.

Vacuum excavation allows people to stay completely safe on the service, while the machine does all the work. Moreover, the practice also helps companies such as Get Vacced avoid any mishaps like trench cave-ins and accidental line damage.

So if you have a pipeline problem on your hands, and you don’t want to do any manual work, you should consider contacting companies that do vacuum excavation in Gold Coast. With that being said, I should say a few words about the two methods of vacuum excavation.

Hydro Vacuum Excavation in Gold Coast

As you probably presume, this process uses water – along with vacuuming, of course – to uncover underground utilities. It’s actually faster than air vacuuming, which is why some professionals consider it to be the superior of the two. Hydro vacuum excavation utilizes water to loosen up the soil and vacuum to dig the hole. Furthermore, it lifts the soil from the digging site and carries it to a tank.


A Few Reasons to Use Vacuum Excavation in Gold Coast

While there’s a number of reasons to use vacuum excavation I already mentioned, I feel I should still make a short list to point a few of the more obvious advantages out:

  • Allows you to have a cleaner work site
  • Works great for utilities buried deeper
  • Allows you to do the job more precisely
  • Uses less manpower than manual digging
  • Increases the overall digging efficiency

In addition to damage prevention, the main goal of companies such as Get Vacced is to keep the operating costs down. That’s why I recommend, if you have any problems with roadside utilities, contact Get Vacced as soon as possible.