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Know The Details About Vacuum Excavation And Its Advantages

Know The Details About Vacuum Excavation Cost And Its Advantages

Vacuum excavation, also known as suction excavation, is a process of digging by using vacuum along with high-pressure air or water to break apart materials underground without harming any buried utilities. There are two types of vacuum excavation – Hydro-vacuum Excavation and Air-vacuum Excavation.

Why Is Vacuum Excavation Beneficial?

The traditional methods of excavations are laborious and time-consuming, whereas vacuum excavation comes with a handful of advantages.

  • High Efficiency– As compared to any conventional excavating methods, this is way more advanced technologically. Thus, Vacuum Excavation is faster(removes more material compared to hand digging) and requires less manual labor, making the worksite safer. The machinery has a high precision of work too!
  • Minimum Damage– Vacuum Excavation causes the least damage (almost no damage) to the underground fixtures like pipes or underground water lines. This is because the moving parts are not near the underground utilities. The machine is kept away from the actual worksite, and a suction tube is led underground to the excavation area.
  • Cleaner Work– The mechanism works in a way that the debris is not only removed but also collected in a suction nozzle which does not create any additional mess. Due to high precision, the area excavated is much lesser than that of hand digging.
  • Cost effective– Due to high precision and fast work, vacuum excavation is very cost effective. It does not cause any environmental damage as well, reducing the chances of additional expenses. It also reduces disposal charges.

The few problems of vacuum excavation are- for frozen lands, you can’t use air. Only hot-water excavation can work. For water-excavation, you need a constant supply of water.

What Is Used For Vacuum Excavation?

A Vac Truck is used for excavation which works with the following mechanism-

It has a pump and a tank. The trunk sucks all the debris and muddy products with the help of the suction pump, uncovering the underground utilities. This reduces all the chances of damage. Then the tank is used to clean the area.

Should You Rent A Vacuum Excavation Machine Or Hire Professionals?

Excavation could be time-consuming and big hard work. But with the help of a Vac Truck, the work has become very easy!

Though buying all the machinery for excavation can be very expensive. But nowadays, you can rent a Vac Truck or hire professionals who not only bring all the equipment but also perform the excavation for you. The vacuum excavation cost can be less than you expect!

Why Is Hiring Professionals A Better Option?

Hiring professionals would be more costly as compared to renting the equipment. But they have skill and knowledge about the working of excavation machines and have work experience.

If you are not skilled enough, something might go wrong, and there might be additional expenses.


With recent technological advances, excavation has become a really easy thing without any mess. It is your duty to scrutinize the shortcomings and choose wisely whether renting the equipment or hiring professionals will be better! Get a quotation for vacuum excavation cost from Get Vacced today.

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