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Why You Should Opt For Vacuum Excavation Gold Coast

Why You Should Opt For Get Directed for Vacuum Excavation?

Vacuum Excavation

There has been a growth in the demand for non-destructive ways of digging. This has lead to the development of Vacuum Excavation Gold Coast across a wide range of industries and applications. Due to various occupational health hazards and safety concerns, there has been a decline in manual digging.


Get Directed Vacuum Excavation Is The Answer


Vacuum excavation is a process by which you can use a vacuum to tear the ground to assess underground assets with the help of some high-pressure water or air. It is colloquially known as soft digging. It gets the name from the procedure with which this method is applied. Both air and water can be used to generate sufficient pressure with which one can pierce the land.


Why Choose Vacuum Excavation?


There plenty of reasons for which one should choose vacuum excavation over manual digging.

They include:

  • Accidental line damage and trench cave-ins can be avoided.
  • Accurate depth of the land can be safely assessed using the method.
  • It is time-saving and labour saving in comparison to manual digging which is not only energy draining, time-consuming but also subjects the labourers into severe occupational health hazards. Thus, this method ensures the safety of the labourers.
  • Better assessment of underground assets using this technique.
  • Vacuum excavation employs the use of a Vac Truck(Vacuum Excavation) which can either utilize air or water. Hydro excavation helps to reduce the integrity of the soil and loosen it making the vacuum suction process much easier. The vacuum mechanism helps in removing wet and muddy debris.
  • These processes are less invasive when compared to the conventional methods of excavation.
  • These methods are very precise. Precision helps in reducing the amount of debris being produced due to these processes.
  • The amount of manpower required for such techniques is much lesser.
  • All the debris are suctioned into a debris tank to prevent disruption of traffic and damage to public property.
  • Vacuum excavation especially Hydro Vacuum Excavation is ideal in plumbing situations when dealing with pipelines and sewers underground. Without causing any underground damage like pipe puncture and so on, lots of money get saved as repairing them would amount to extra unnecessary expenditure. Thus, this comes as an added benefit to the consumer to prevent additional costs.


Get Labour Hire through Vacuum excavation. Not only skilled but also unskilled labourers are recruited. This work is a source of major recruitment. The recruitment process extends to people who are:


  • Foreman
  • Carpenters
  • Instrumentation Fitters
  • Tunnellers
  • Track and Rail Workers
  • Sentries
  • Process Workers
  • Diesel Fitters
  • Machine Operators
  • Mechanical Fitters
  • Truck Drivers
  • Process Workers
  • Factory Hands
  • Deck Hands
  • Managers




You can opt for different vacuum excavation procedures of your choosing depending on your convenience. You can also opt for a vacuum test for utility verification which would grant you the benefit of not having any surprise or additional costs in the long run and also moving of any utilities which come in conflict with the procedure. Also, the process of vacuum excavation is used in several jobs which proves the benefits of the process.

Call Get Directed today for all your needs regarding vacuum excavation and associated traffic management.

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Make Your Job Easier With Vacuum Excavation

Make Your Job Easier With Vacuum Excavation

With the population growing day by day, the amount of resources to sustain the population is becoming more inadequate by the second. Thus, arises the necessity to explore underground assets in the search for utilities and so on. The number of reasons for which the ground must be broken or excavated is endless. Vacuum excavation is a recent development which helps in the exploration of underground assets. It is a non-mechanical and a non-destructive way of safely uncovering buried assets.

There Are Variations To The Procedure Of Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation employs the use of high-pressure air or high-pressure water coupled with the use of a high-speed vacuum. Depending on what is used, it can further be subclassified into air excavation or hydro excavation. Hydro excavation is the more popular choice between the two. With the application of water, the ground texture and hardiness get loosened, making it easier to break the soil and explore beneath the surface. Also, as the ground gets soft, the suction process gets easier as well. All the debris is stored in a separate debris tank to prevent contamination of the surrounding area which would otherwise cause inconvenience to others. Frozen grounds can also be excavated after using hot water to thaw the ice. Specialized Vac Trucks(Vacuum Excavation) are used for these procedures.

Hydro Vacuum Excavation Is More Superior

Being less invasive in nature, Hydro Vacuum Excavation naturally becomes the choice of excavation. Moreover, it is time-saving. Not only that but it also saves a lot of manual labour. It doesn’t subject the workers to any occupational hazards. Moreover, being a very precise procedure, there’s little room for overproduction of debris which would otherwise block roads and damage public property. Also, there is a decreased incidence of accidental line damage and trench cave-ins. everything simply points out why manual labour is no longer required. Vacuum excavation is the best alternative for such difficult work. The amount of manpower required is also considerably less, thus, the chances of an occupational hazard decrease significantly as well. This process becomes the most obvious choice in plumbing situations which involves sewers and pipelines.  One need not worry about causing any damage to a pipe which otherwise ensues other additional expenses for repair. Vacuum excavation is a process which is in heavy demand, thus, the labour hire is always at a peak. It is demanded by mechanical fitters, electricians, carpenters and so on. Be it in the department of construction, manufacturing, transport and logistics, vacuum excavation will always find its use. It is a process which can be employed in several ways depending on the purpose.

Vacuum Excavation Gold Coast


Digging of ground beckons several hazards. This can be overcome with the application of vacuum excavation Gold Coast. One can also make use of vacuum tests to anticipate any additional costs or any utilities coming in conflict with the process of vacuum excavation. Furthermore, this helps workers to plan their work. With the proper design and planning, excavation of a site can be made simpler.

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Know The Details About Vacuum Excavation And Its Advantages

Know The Details About Vacuum Excavation Cost And Its Advantages

Vacuum excavation, also known as suction excavation, is a process of digging by using vacuum along with high-pressure air or water to break apart materials underground without harming any buried utilities. There are two types of vacuum excavation – Hydro-vacuum Excavation and Air-vacuum Excavation.

Why Is Vacuum Excavation Beneficial?

The traditional methods of excavations are laborious and time-consuming, whereas vacuum excavation comes with a handful of advantages.

  • High Efficiency– As compared to any conventional excavating methods, this is way more advanced technologically. Thus, Vacuum Excavation is faster(removes more material compared to hand digging) and requires less manual labor, making the worksite safer. The machinery has a high precision of work too!
  • Minimum Damage– Vacuum Excavation causes the least damage (almost no damage) to the underground fixtures like pipes or underground water lines. This is because the moving parts are not near the underground utilities. The machine is kept away from the actual worksite, and a suction tube is led underground to the excavation area.
  • Cleaner Work– The mechanism works in a way that the debris is not only removed but also collected in a suction nozzle which does not create any additional mess. Due to high precision, the area excavated is much lesser than that of hand digging.
  • Cost effective– Due to high precision and fast work, vacuum excavation is very cost effective. It does not cause any environmental damage as well, reducing the chances of additional expenses. It also reduces disposal charges.

The few problems of vacuum excavation are- for frozen lands, you can’t use air. Only hot-water excavation can work. For water-excavation, you need a constant supply of water.

What Is Used For Vacuum Excavation?

A Vac Truck is used for excavation which works with the following mechanism-

It has a pump and a tank. The trunk sucks all the debris and muddy products with the help of the suction pump, uncovering the underground utilities. This reduces all the chances of damage. Then the tank is used to clean the area.

Should You Rent A Vacuum Excavation Machine Or Hire Professionals?

Excavation could be time-consuming and big hard work. But with the help of a Vac Truck, the work has become very easy!

Though buying all the machinery for excavation can be very expensive. But nowadays, you can rent a Vac Truck or hire professionals who not only bring all the equipment but also perform the excavation for you. The vacuum excavation cost can be less than you expect!

Why Is Hiring Professionals A Better Option?

Hiring professionals would be more costly as compared to renting the equipment. But they have skill and knowledge about the working of excavation machines and have work experience.

If you are not skilled enough, something might go wrong, and there might be additional expenses.


With recent technological advances, excavation has become a really easy thing without any mess. It is your duty to scrutinize the shortcomings and choose wisely whether renting the equipment or hiring professionals will be better! Get a quotation for vacuum excavation cost from Get Vacced today.

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Why You Need Vacuum Truck For Excavation Process?

Why You Need Vacuum Truck for the Excavation Process?

When it comes to the excavation process, it is seen that in this process it gives out many waste materials. With this, when any excavation work is done, it is seen that the process that follows in this is also a lengthy and time taking process. So to make this process more sophisticated and easy, a vehicle has been developed for this process.

What Is This Truck?

When it comes to the truck, it is seen that Vac truck plays an important role in this. The truck has got the vacuum tanks which is mounted on the trailer and as a result, it is hydraulically dry or wet materials which are taken inside the tank via vacuum hoses. Apart from this all, you can find another number of things that are important in the process. They are mentioned below.

  • Air compressors.
  • Core drills.
  • Water Jetters.

This all things play an important role in the excavation process. When it comes to the type of excavation, there are two types of the excavation process. They are vacuum excavation and hydro excavation process.

Why Prefer This Process?

When you are going the usual excavation process, it is seen that that process is very noisy, costly and also involves heavy manual labor. This process helps in giving the solution to the excavation. This is possible as with the help of air or water depending on the land; the excavation work is carried away. This process is very fast, and it is done in an organized manner, and excavation work is done easily.

Benefits Of Trucks

  1. Less labor

When it comes to the truck, it is seen that the truck is equipped with all types of things that are required in the excavation process. As the truck has got the excavation machine as well as vacuum tanks that is present in it, so it needs less labor for operation. So when you go for Labour Hire, it required less. As a result, it is cost effective.

  1. Less pollution

When it comes to this process, it produces less noise pollution as well as air pollution. This is because all the things that do are done with the machine, and the waste material that is generated in this process are taken inside the vacuum tanks via the vacuum process.

  1. Time-saving

In general excavation, it takes many days for completing the work with lots of labor. But when you go for this process, it is said that this method is said to help in completing the work in less time and a perfect manner without any complications.

  1. It is safe

This process is said to be safe as less manpower is used in this process. And in this, all the things are done by the truck while the labor that is present out there only operates the machine so that it will carry forward the work in a perfect manner.

These are the benefits that you will get when you are going for the Vacuum trucks for the excavation process.



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What Are The Reasons For Going To Vacuum Truck Services?

Why Hire a Sucker Truck?

If you are going for any kind of excavation process, then you always search for the things that will help you in this process. It is seen that there are people who think about why to go for vacuum truck services. But little did they know are they are better than the traditional excavation process. Here is the list of things which will make you realize about the importance of a sucker truck.

  1. Compliance In The Excavation Site

When it comes to the excavation site, it is seen that the site has got many types of waste materials. These materials come out when the excavation work is done, and these materials may cause pollution too and can affect the nearby environment. So to avoid all these things, you need to go for the Vac Truck as they are the best vehicles to carry out the work without any pollution.

  1. In An Emergency Case

Sometimes, it is seen that there are some emergencies like the leaking of pipes, fuels or any other things. During this time, the work to repair and control the leak must be done at a fast rate. For this, you can’t go for the traditional way, so you need the Vacuum excavation process for this and, hence, a sucker truck.

  1. Residential Excavation Process

When it comes about the residential excavation work, it is said that that to go for a sucker truck. This is because, in residential property, people don’t want the outsiders to spend more time in the property. Apart from this, another way to cause any pollutions in the forms of noise and air so they won’t go for the process which is more convenient for them.

  1. Cost Saving

When it comes to the vacuum truck, it is seen that this truck has got a digging machine along with a large vacuum tank. This tank is made for collecting the waste material that is created in this process. So when you go for them, the digging of land is done via the machine without any manual labor.

Then the waste material that is generated in this process seems to extracted to the tank with the help of vacuum procedure. So the waste material doesn’t harm the environment as well as don’t cause any pollution. Apart from this as the whole process is done via machines, so it does not need labour hire. As the use of labor is less so the cost is too get low.

These are the top 4 reasons, for which it is always advisable for everyone that they should go for this process. Apart from this all, the truck service is easily available for you, and you just need to contact the agency who is providing this truck and needs to mention about your work and when to start. That’s it, and the vehicle will reach to you at your time and start doing the excavation work. For all these reasons, it is always said to go for a sucker truck from Get Directed of Get Group at an affordable rate.

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Vacuum Excavation: What You Need To Know To Be Safe!

Vacuum Excavation: What You Need To Know To Be Safe!

Thanks to advancements in technology excavating jobs have become much more straightforward and hiring a vacuum truck for the Gold Coast has never been easier. Earlier in order to excavate sites, there was a lot of time, labour and effort required. However, now due to vacuum excavation facilities, the job is more comfortable.

What Are The Safety Procedures?

Vac Truck Gold Coast

As with any other type of heavy duty equipment, there are certain safety procedures that you need to follow in order to use this equipment. These procedures ensure that you get the most out of your equipment:

  • Minimally Invasive: With the help of vacuum excavation equipment you can get the job done with minimal invasiveness. This helps you ensure that there is no underground damage. Before you get started on your work, however, make sure that you are familiar with the equipment that you are using and that you have read reviews and specifications of the equipment beforehand. Make sure that you have checked out other equipment as well scene every job has different requirements, and some other equipment may be better suited for the job.
  • Safety Measures: When using heavy-duty machinery you need to instil certain safety measures. This will help you ensure that there are no serious injuries when using the machinery in the job. Ensure that the safety procedures are followed by everyone and that they are also resent in written form. Accidents at work are quite common, and you must do everything that you can to ensure that they do not occur frequently.
  • Trained Professionals: If you are not trained in using vacuum excavation equipment make sure you look for labour hired. Such people have trained professional to handle heavy-duty machinery these means that not only will they know all of the safety procedures that are required when working with such machinery, but also that your work will be completed within time and without any major errors. Hiring labour for your work is a smart move you have personally never used such equipment before nor have received any training with it. Trained professionals can also guide you through the rest of your project.
  • Map Out The Area: Before you start digging in make sure that you map out the area You have to ensure that there are no major underground pipes or wirings in the area, and you may need to call a few officials ahead in order to ensure that you will be able to dig as much as you required t without damaging any important property. Mapping out the area should be one of the first steps for you in the job to ensure that there are no surprises or accidents in the future. It will help the job go smoothly.

A Vacuum Truck for Gold Coast vacuum excavation has the necessary technology that is required to use a combination of water and air pressure to suck out the debris from the excavation site and storing in the tank until it is needed again in order to fill up the hole.

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Vacuum Excavation: Why You Should Hire Professionals Instead Of Renting The Equipment!

Vacuum Truck for Brisbane Excavation: Why You Should Hire Professionals Instead Of Renting The Equipment!

Do you have a new project that requires a vacuum truck in Brisbane, due to excavation? Well until a few years ago that might have meant a major delay at the start of the project since excavating a site requires a lot of effort, time and human resources. But, thankfully due to advancement in technology there is vacuum excavating equipment that can get the job done much quicker. Such a vacuum excavating equipment or vac truck (vacuum excavation) uses water and air pressure technology to excavate the site much quicker than manual labor.

However, such equipment is quite expensive, and it’s not so easily available to everyone. That is why you either have the option of renting the equipment or hiring a service who will provide you with the vacuum excavation service.

Sucker Truck

Why Do You Need A Vacuum Excavation Service?

When you need to excavate a site, you can either use the traditional digging method to excavate the site, or you can use a Vacuum truck in Brisbane (Vacuum Excavation) for the job.

With the help of vacuum excavation equipment, you can get your site excavated with more precision. Since such equipment uses highly scientific technology they are much more precise and accurate, and they also prevent any underground damage, this, of course, is quite desirable when you are trying to excavate a site for a new project,

Should You Rent Equipment Or Look For Labor Hire?

When it comes to vacuum excavation, you can either rent the equipment or look for people to hire who will not only provide you with the equipment but also do the job for you.

Many people opt for renting equipment since they view it as a cheaper option than hiring professionals to do the job for them. If you have people on your team who have worked with such heavy-duty machinery before then, it is definitely the most economical option for you can rent it only for a few hours or days and ensure that the job gets the done the way that you want it to be. However, you must be sure of the skills of your team members even a small misstep can not only ruin the project but may cause serious injuries along with a delay in the project. Unless your team members have trained with several different types of equipment beforehand and have successfully completed a few projects, then it is best if you hire professionals for the job.

Hiring a professional may be desirable if you are on a tight budget, but if you rent equipment and the job does not turn out to be satisfactory, then it may end up costing you more than simply hiring professionals who have been trained in the job.

These professionals will not only have a lot of experience with the, but they may have also completed a similar project beforehand which make them much more reliable. Additionally, with their years of experience they may also be able to provide you with some guidance.

Look to Get Group when you need a vacuum truck for Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounds.

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Vacuum Excavation – The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of All Debris!

Vacuum Excavations Brisbane – The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of All Debris!

In most of the places, the ground is filled with debris and impurities. For a proper and sanitized environment, these need to be removed at the soonest. If you want to dig around underground assets to remove all that has been accumulated underground, then there is no better way to do it other than vacuum excavation. So you have no idea how to do it? Don’t worry after reading this article you will get to know all about the process of vacuum excavations for Brisbane and surrounds with the help of a vac truck.

What Is The Vacuum Excavation?

Our ground is laden with impurities and debris that is harmful to the environment and needs to be removed. The best way to do the job is with the help of these excavators that are the most effective dirt removal device you will find in recent times. Hydro excavation is the latest trend that is being used by ground cleaning services all over the world. So what is this hydro excavation that everyone is so hyped about? Read to know more about it.

What Is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation is a pretty simple procedure of the removal of all the debris from under the ground. A small hole is made on the surface of the earth and on that hole a jet of water with high pressure is sprayed. Along with it, a vacuum is also created which brings up the dirt from under the surface of the ground. This method is really effective as it is known to remove all impurities and dirt from below the earth’s surface without damaging any part of the ground. What can be a more eco-friendly way to get it done and make the earth a better place to live in? It is a completely non-destructive way of debris removal and is therefore preferred by people all over the world.

Get Yourself A Vac Truck Immediately!

Don’t know how to operate a vac truck properly? Well, you can do labour hire to get the work done effectively and smoothly. If you want to conserve your mother earth, then you should start doing it at the soonest and getting these vacuum trucks for cleaning is literally the best decision that you take. Are you looking for a truck but without any kind of success? Make sure you head to the online sites and check out the amazing models that are displayed over there.

The overview

So every time you consider getting your dream truck that can do the vacuum excavation then make you look at the numerously online sites that will give you a fair idea about the kind of waste management truck that you want to buy. So this is all that you had to successfully remove all the mess that has been accumulating under your ground region for long. So what are you waiting for? Get your excavation truck today itself and enjoy cleaning around your house.

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The Benefits Of Hydro Vacuum Excavation

The Benefits Of Hydrovac Vacuum Excavation

 With the help of a hydrovac or vacuum excavator, which is a construction vehicle, you can remove debris from a hole on land. Vacuum excavation applies the use of high-pressure air or water. Hand digging is much more tedious and time-consuming. Thus, with the advent of such a procedure, it helps in saving time. Moreover, it is much safer for the excavation of underground assets.

This process is also safe for all the workers on site. The incidence of trench cave-ins and accidental line damage is completely eradicated with the use of this procedure. Thus, this a preferable alternative to hand digging for exposing underground assets with both Hydro and Air Vacuum excavation.

Hydrovac Is The Safer Option

Using high-pressure water along with the utilization of high-speed vacuum makes Hydro Vacuum excavation safe in uncovering underground utilities. It is not only fast but also more efficient than air excavation. Spoiled material is not reused for the refilling of the hole in hydro vacuuming. The soil is made loose before a hole is dug in with the use of water. Water reduces the integrity of the soil, making it fragile and easily breakable which makes suctioning of the soil very easily. Vac truck (Vacuum Excavation) is equipped with the necessary mechanisms to help to remove wet and muddy excavated material. Using hot water is an important prerequisite to thaw frozen lands before a hole can be dug in. With the help of a vacuum, all the debris is suctioned into the debris tank.

Other Uses Of  Hydrovac:

Vacuum excavation can be used for various uses. This includes:

  • Cleaning blocked gullies and blocked street gutters.
  • Removal of debris in demolition projects.
  • Clearing off of any environmental damage.
  • Leaf removal.
  • Pipeline removal or replacement.
  • Replacement of contaminated soil around roots of trees.
  • Special operations
  • Railway track maintenance and repair
  • Exploratory excavations
  • Renovation, repair or installation of new cables, pipelines or disposal lines.
  • Removal of gravel from roofs.


Advantages of Hydro Vacuum Excavation over Air Excavation

The advantages of hydrovac are as follows:

  • This process is less infiltrative in nature compared to the old traditional methods of excavation.
  • The process is very precise. Thus, requires less disposal of dirt and materials and lesser restoration.
  • Requires less manpower. Thus, it reduces the time consumed and the amount of manual labour required.
  • Dirt and debris are stored in a debris tank after suctioning it into it. Thus, it doesn’t create any problem to the surrounding traffic and less damage to power lines.

Labour hire extends to both skilled and unskilled labourers of any department. These include:

  • Mechanical Fitters
  • Maintenance fitters
  • Electricians
  • Electric fitters
  • Boilermakers
  • Bricklayers
  • Form workers
  • Foreman
  • Boat builders
  • Packers
  • Factory hands
  • Process workers
  • Shift supervisors
  • All trades and labourers
  • Managers
  • Truck drivers
  • Dockhands
  • Traffic controllers
  • Pipe Layers
  • Production Workers

Conclusion- Hydrovac excavation has several uses and can be used for several purposes. Also, hydro vacuum excavation has several perks and benefits, allowing you to get a lot done!

Vacuum Excavation in progress

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The perks of Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum Excavation And Its Perks – Get Vacced

Additional Reading: What is Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is the digging of the earth using a specialized vacuum which uses high-pressure water or air to break materials.  The colloquial name given to this procedure is “Soft Dig.” This process is widely accepted as it is safer than hand digging around underground facilities. This procedure makes it safe for workers on site to stay safe on the surface. This can prevent accidental line damage and trench cave-ins. This procedure can also be used to identify the depth of a utility accurately.

With both hydro and air vacuum excavation, companies are provided with a safer and better alternative.

Vacuum Excavation

Safe Digging With Hydro Vacuum Excavation


Hydro vacuum excavation from Get Vacced is a process involving safely uncovering underground utilities using high-pressure water along with high-speed vacuum. It is faster and more efficient than air excavation. Moreover, it does not allow for the reuse of the spoiled material to refill the hole. This procedure uses water to loosen the soil and dig a hole. Application of water helps in reducing the soil’s holding strength and in turn, helps to break the soil and suction them easily. Coupled with a vacuum mechanism, it helps in removing wet and muddy excavated material. In the case of frozen ground, hot water is first used for thawing the frozen ground, and then the process of digging is started. There are specialized Vac Truck (Vacuum Excavation) to carry out these procedures. Other possible applications include:

  • Replacement of pipes and fittings
  • Exploratory excavations
  • Renovation and new installation of pipelines and disposal lines.
  • Removal of gravel from flat roofs.
  • Leaf removal.

Advantages of Hydro Vacuum Excavation

  • This process is less invasive in nature compared to the other more common methods of excavation.
  • This process is very precise, leading to lesser disposal of materials and less restoration.
  • Requires lesser manpower, thus, reducing time-consuming manual labour.
  • All the dirt is stored in a separate debris tank keeping the area clean; thereby, it doesn’t cause any inconvenience to traffic or any damage to power lines.

Thus, efficiency and precision are the major advantages of using Hydro vacuum. It doesn’t cause any damage to underground pipelines and sewers, and thus, it is ideal for plumbing situations.

Air Vacuum Excavation

Air Vacuum Excavation is the process of air which is compressed to break through the earth which is then suctioned up into a debris tank. It is used to expose underground assets safely and allows backfill with dry material. However, Hydro Excavation is the preferred method nowadays with the number of additional benefits it holds.

Also, Labour Hire is not restricted to skilled labourers but also unskilled labourers of various departments such as construction, manufacturing, transport and logistics, trades and services.

Conclusion– Hydro Excavation is more superior to Air-Vacuum Excavation. It is pivotal to educate yourself with the advantages so that you can make full use of it. Also, Get Vacced hire labourers, skilled or unskilled, for vacuum excavation-related operations.

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