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Safe Digging For A Safe Environment Is Fundamental

Safe Digging using Vac Trucks in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

The method of safe digging is termed as vacuum excavation. This refers to digging the ground with the help of a vacuum which helps in breaking apart the material, either with the help of air or water put in high pressure. This method is sometimes called “soft dig” and is accepted as being a safer method in comparison to hand digging keeping in mind the tolerance zone around the underground facilities. This process guarantees the safety of the labourers who remain above ground on the site. This system completely rules out any malfunction such as accidental line damage or the chances of trench cave-ins. This method is the best way to identify the functional depth of utility.

The Importance Of Hydro Vacuum Excavation

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Hydro vacuum excavation is a safe process that allows us to reveal the underground utilities with the help of high-pressure water and high-speed vacuum. This process is ideal for plumbing services like those that deal with sewers or pipelines. The reasons you should choose this method are as follows:

  • This process guarantees higher precision which obviously makes sure that less amount of waste is disposed and hence less restoration is needed.
  • This method is less invasive in comparison to other traditional excavation methods.
  • When compared to traditional methods of digging, this method requires less human resources.
  • The dirt produced is stored in a debris tank that keeps the area clean and accounts for minimum troubles in traffic or damage of the power lines.

Air Vacuum Excavation For Helping Infrastructure

In air Vacuum Excavation, in place of water, the main component used in compressed air that disturbs the soil which is consecutively vacuumed up into debris tank. With the help of Vac Truck (Vacuum Excavation), you safely expose the underground facilities and allow backfills with the dry matter. This process is beneficial in several ways and is highly useful for congested areas. The precautionary measures to keep in mind during this process are as follows:

  • Make sure that the crew has safety gears on.
  • Check that the area has been verified and prepared for digging.
  • Start the initial breakup of the soil matter like clay, rocks, dirt etc. with the help of air pressure.
  • Check the status of holes and the exposed facilities.
  • Make sure that the excavated soul is returned to them from the excavator storage system for minimizing disruption.

Overview Of Excavation Using Vacuum

The excavation process is never an easy one. But, with the help of vacuum excavation there are certain advantages, which are as follows:

  • You can safely verify the condition of the soil, the type, diameter, and the depth of the facilities.
  • The dry debris can be used as efficient landfills.
  • The process causes less disruption and hence a cleaner work site.
  • The chances of hand digging or other such abrasive methods are safely eliminated.
  • This process is very cost effective as it increases the digging efficiency and uses less manpower.
  • This is great for utilities that are buried deep in the ground or in a congested area

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