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Traffic Control in Gold Coast: The Importance of Safety Signals

Traffic control helps ensure that construction sites, areas of road construction and even commercial improvement are as secure as possible. Basically, having traffic control in Gold Coast is vital for the safety and success of any project. However, there are many different types of traffic services out there. Here you have a short guide that aims to explain the importance of safety signals and highlight their value.

The Importance of Lights in Traffic Safety and Control

No matter if your site is near a street or not, traffic control in Gold Coast is one of the most important aspects of your project. If you want to prevent on-site accidents and keep the traffic flow smooth, if needed, you’re going to need some equipment.

The basic construction safety equipment includes “WORK AHEAD” signs, traffic cones, flagging, lights and last but definitely not least, safety signs. If you’re working close to a street, it’s important to build a barrier of sorts between your site and the street.

You’ll be able to do this by placing road work lights, or any kind of barrier honestly, around the work area to ensure that no one accidentally walks into it. Some people, unfortunately, get lost in their thoughts and walk into constructions sites. Unsurprisingly, this usually leads to injuries.

Now, let’s go over some of the more important traffic safety lights:

  • Construction Lights: These are the most-widely used lights in traffic control, and they come in red, amber and orange. Some models have flashing and strobe functions.
  • Barricade Lights: Here we have the most effective lights for warning people of a work area ahead. Barricade lights can usually be seen from 50 meters away.
  • Glowing Orange Cones: Although these are not lights per se, they still work at night due to their glowing qualities.

The Importance of Construction Work Lights

Although you probably don’t too much work at night, you still have a good number of reasons why you need lights for traffic control in Gold Coast. Let’s face it – some of the areas you’re working in don’t provide enough natural lighting during the day.

What’s more, some drivers will definitely benefit from seeing your site from a 100 meters or so, in order to prepare to slow their vehicle down and be more cautious. Whether you’ve got a highway repair project or a brand new rebuilding site on your hands, you want to be as safe as possible, right?

If you need any help with traffic control in Gold Coast, you can easily hire a company like Get Directed to help you prevent any possible accidents and keep your work site 100% safe. Companies like these have been around for a number of years, so they have enough experience to handle any possible problem.

Final Thoughts

So what’s the takeaway here? Essentially, no matter the size or the nature of your project, traffic control should be at the top of the list of your priorities for the safety of your organization, the safety of the pedestrians and the project itself.


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