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Why Choose Vacuum Excavation Gold Coast Over Traditional Excavation

Do you need a vac truck for Gold Coast excavation operations?

Any underground activity requires burying out deep earth for laying out underground cable system and ground pipes carrying sewage or for plumbing a building. It is a disruptive process that requires wrecking through constructed road or digging out the ground; so clearly, it poses a challenge to civil engineers to do it more cleanly to avoid hampering the daily activities of the residents in the neighbourhood. The traditional method of mechanical excavation requires deploying a large labour force, so it is a significant budget activity. It is highly unreliable in terms of time needed as any weather abnormality can lead many workers to abort their work for the day. It depends on the whims of the labour force and hence often requires new labour hire in case of any problem.

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A Cleaner Approach from Get Directed vac truck of Gold Coast

Many years have been spent by civil engineers to devise a cleaner way to scrape out land leading to a new technique called vacuum excavation. This method is the ultimate solution to traditional methods in terms of speed, accuracy, and sanitation. It doesn’t lead to unnecessary piling of soil posing health hazard. It imparts less damage to the environment due to accumulated dirt. It doesn’t incur any damage to preinstalled equipment under the ground as no mechanical thrust is applied. It is generally carried out using air or water. A strong force of air or water is compressed onto the soil to loosen it into debris then a vacuum hose is used to imbibe in the loosened particles into the debris collector tank. The tank containing soil is transported to be used for the latter purpose, or it is refilled into the pit after the necessary work underneath has been done.

Air Vacuum Excavation

This vac truck Gold Coast method is ideally suited for low power operation as air vacuum is capable of generating low pressure as compared to hydro vacuum excavation method. In this method, air is used to compress the soil for scraping out the earth for any particular operation. This method is generally used when the collected soil is used for refilling the pit. It is a more reliable method and keeps the surrounding clear. It can help in executing out digging operation in highly congested areas. Since the soil is refilled back, so it’s comparatively less disruptive than its counterpart method.

Hydro Vacuum Excavation

This method is ideally applicable for high power operation which can’t be conquered by air vacuum excavation. Any challenges posed to this method can be quickly resolved. A sturdy and dry soil can be loosened by water while a frozen soil can be conveniently loosened by using hot water. It is less invasive. It has the advantage of higher precision so less collection of debris. This method is used during a plumbing situation to impart the least damage to sewer pipes and electrical wiring. This method is faster and more efficient as compared to air vacuum excavation. Since refilling of the excavated soil is not applicable, so it needs the collected soil to be disposed at proper location or reused later.

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