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Why You Should Opt For Vacuum Excavation Gold Coast

Why You Should Opt For Get Directed for Vacuum Excavation?

Vacuum Excavation

There has been a growth in the demand for non-destructive ways of digging. This has lead to the development of Vacuum Excavation Gold Coast across a wide range of industries and applications. Due to various occupational health hazards and safety concerns, there has been a decline in manual digging.


Get Directed Vacuum Excavation Is The Answer


Vacuum excavation is a process by which you can use a vacuum to tear the ground to assess underground assets with the help of some high-pressure water or air. It is colloquially known as soft digging. It gets the name from the procedure with which this method is applied. Both air and water can be used to generate sufficient pressure with which one can pierce the land.


Why Choose Vacuum Excavation?


There plenty of reasons for which one should choose vacuum excavation over manual digging.

They include:

  • Accidental line damage and trench cave-ins can be avoided.
  • Accurate depth of the land can be safely assessed using the method.
  • It is time-saving and labour saving in comparison to manual digging which is not only energy draining, time-consuming but also subjects the labourers into severe occupational health hazards. Thus, this method ensures the safety of the labourers.
  • Better assessment of underground assets using this technique.
  • Vacuum excavation employs the use of a Vac Truck(Vacuum Excavation) which can either utilize air or water. Hydro excavation helps to reduce the integrity of the soil and loosen it making the vacuum suction process much easier. The vacuum mechanism helps in removing wet and muddy debris.
  • These processes are less invasive when compared to the conventional methods of excavation.
  • These methods are very precise. Precision helps in reducing the amount of debris being produced due to these processes.
  • The amount of manpower required for such techniques is much lesser.
  • All the debris are suctioned into a debris tank to prevent disruption of traffic and damage to public property.
  • Vacuum excavation especially Hydro Vacuum Excavation is ideal in plumbing situations when dealing with pipelines and sewers underground. Without causing any underground damage like pipe puncture and so on, lots of money get saved as repairing them would amount to extra unnecessary expenditure. Thus, this comes as an added benefit to the consumer to prevent additional costs.


Get Labour Hire through Vacuum excavation. Not only skilled but also unskilled labourers are recruited. This work is a source of major recruitment. The recruitment process extends to people who are:


  • Foreman
  • Carpenters
  • Instrumentation Fitters
  • Tunnellers
  • Track and Rail Workers
  • Sentries
  • Process Workers
  • Diesel Fitters
  • Machine Operators
  • Mechanical Fitters
  • Truck Drivers
  • Process Workers
  • Factory Hands
  • Deck Hands
  • Managers




You can opt for different vacuum excavation procedures of your choosing depending on your convenience. You can also opt for a vacuum test for utility verification which would grant you the benefit of not having any surprise or additional costs in the long run and also moving of any utilities which come in conflict with the procedure. Also, the process of vacuum excavation is used in several jobs which proves the benefits of the process.

Call Get Directed today for all your needs regarding vacuum excavation and associated traffic management.

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