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Need Vacuum Excavation Gold Coast

Need Vacuum Excavation Gold Coast?

Get Directed are the first choice for vac truck Gold Coast hire for vacuum excavation.

Hydro excavation using a vac truck is an efficient, non-destructive method of digging and taking unwanted material off site. This process can remove material from difficult to reach areas and is especially effective for digging around underground assets.

Vacuum excavation uses a highly pressurized water gurney in conjunction with an industrial vacuum to remove all debris safely and effectively. The vacuum truck has a large tank with a high pressure pump that can pneumatically suck liquids into the tank.

Our VTI and Vermeer vacuum trucks can also blast streams of water for cleaning and excavation. The water breaks up dirt and material to form a sludge or slurry. Then, using vacuum pumps, the liquid waste is removed for disposal or transported to another location for treatment.

Vacuum excavation ensures your job is completed, or prepared for further stages, with minimal damage.

Industries Served

Civil Infrastructure
Road Infrastructure
Building and Construction
Oil Infrastructure
Utility Services
Local Government and Council Contracts
Residential Infrastructure
Commercial Venture
Stormwater and Sewer Pipelines Authorities
Fibre Optic Industries

Call the Vacuum Excavation Experts
Vacuum Excavation Gold Coast


Get Directed specialise in the locating and clean exposure of a variety of services using the new and innovative technique of vacuum excavation, sometimes referred to as vacuum digging or hydro excavation.

This form of non destructive digging uses a vacuum and pressurised water to remove material from the ground. The high pressure water cuts through and liquefies soil and other material. Since it is an accurate and non destructive way to excavate, vacuum excavation is ideal for service locating and avoidance of underground utilities that may be harmed using heavy mechanical machinery.

A fully Australian owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on our professional, dynamic and contemporary approach to business. We always aim to provide a fast, safe and thorough vacuum excavation job.


VTI Vac Truck Gold Coast

Spoil Tank
6500L Spoil tank capacity
Spoil tank AS1210 designed, built and certified, 10 mm thickness
Jurop style locking system for spoil tank door
6’ inlet (suction) and 6’ outlet (drain) both with BSP brass gate valves

Water Tank
2800L capacity water tanks (combined)
Water tanks baffled
2’ stainless steel water fill system with isolation taps
Tank Water Level sight indicators

Jurop PVT 400 air inducted. 1500cfm (20’ Hg @75%)
Jurop 4 way valve – pneumatic
Butterfly travel and relief valves fitted for safety and compliance
Day and night option for blower operation

Hydraulic System
Dual PTOs with piston pumps
Danfos PVG32 proportional control valve
170ltr Oil tank with twin oil coolers
All cylinders fitted with over centre valves

Vermeer Vac Truck Gold Coast

Spoil Tank
5,500 litre spoil tank
1,200 CFM positive displacement blower @15″ HG

Water Tank
3553 Ltr tank fresh water
99hp Kubota diesel engine

21.2 litres/minute @ 3000 PSI adjustable high pressure water system
4”Boom – hydraulic rootation in/out, up/down
Reverse flow
3-stage filtration, including cyclonic separator
2 micron washable poly filter
Fully insulated and lockable engine enclosure
Work light
Safety amber strobe light
Low water shut-off
Full spoil tank shut-off

Hydraulic System
Hydraulic door lock and open
Hydraulic raise and lower of spoil tank

The Advantages of Nondestructive Digging (NDD).
Vacuum Excavation Services

Using a vacuum to break material apart and liquefy it, non destructive digging is commonly accepted as a method far safer than manual digging.

Vacuum excavation allows people to stay completely safe on the service, while the machine does all the work. Moreover, underground utilities and the surrounding ground are preserved in the NDD digging process, reducing the incidences of mishaps like trench cave-ins or accidental line damage.

In addition to damage prevention, the main goal of hydro excavation is to keep operating costs low and efficiencies high. The Gold Coast vac truck can be positioned at a distance from the operating site to avoid congestion and traffic in the suction excavation area.

Vacuum Excavation for Brisbane and Gold Coast

For all your vacuum excavation needs in the Gold Coast and Brisbane, South East Queensland, call Get Directed for a vac truck to service your site.

Our vac truck Gold Coast excavation services include:

  • Solid and Liquid Waste Management
  • CCTV Inspection of Drains and Pipes
  • Non Destructive Digging Using Hydro Excavation
  • High Pressure Cleaning and Maintenance of Drains, Pipes and Water Mains
  • Removal of Septage From Cesspits, Septic Tanks, Latrines, Portable Toilets, Airplane Toilets
  • Servicing of Sewers, Tanks, Grease Traps and Sanitary Sewer Pumping Stations
  • Removal of Grey Water and Wastewater
  • Cleaning of Culverts and Manholes
  • Spill and Flood Response
  • Removal of Contaminated Soil
  • Trenching
  • Pole Setting
  • Underground Sump Cleaning
  • Removal of Sludge from Water Treatment Plants, Tailings Dams and Industrial Ponds
  • Hydro Digging of Pile Holes
  • Daylighting
  • Potholing
  • Handling of Catalysts
  • High Pressure Water Blasting and Jetting
  • Underground Service Locating
  • Exposing Services for Repair or Maintenance
  • Loading and Unloading Materials from Cargo Holds, Marine Ballasts, Boiler Fire Boxed and other Confined Spaces

Call Get Directed to hire a vac truck for the Gold Coast region today.

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