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Traffic Management in Gold Coast: How to Develop a Solid Traffic Management Plan

This article is specifically aimed at workers of Gold Coast. According to the city’s official website, Gold Coast has around 2850 km of roads and over 1000 km of bikeway networks. Therefore, traffic management plays a huge role in the city.

However, traffic management doesn’t only play a big role in the streets of Gold Coast. In fact, you can say that traffic management is as important to the city’s workers as it is to its street pedestrians.

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If you’re reading this, I bet you have vehicles, machinery, and pedestrians interacting on your worksite. Although there’s no actual mention of traffic safety on your worksite, you still have a moral obligation to make sure that every person near the site is as safe as possible.

How to Develop Plan for Traffic Management in Gold Coast

In order to help you with traffic management in Gold Coast, here I have a few things that will allow keeping your worksite completely safe. First, you have to think about where and when interactions between vehicles and pedestrians may happen. This will allow you to see which risk controls are crucial.

Check your worksite and find the areas where pedestrians are at risk of accidents. For instance, if you’re working in a warehouse, your workers and forklifts operate in the same place at the same time. In this case, you needed to create exclusion zones in order to keep the pedestrians safe.

Here are a couple of general pointers that will help you devise a solid traffic management plan, no matter the worksite:

  • You have to think about the traffic flow on the site and map out all the possible movements of vehicles and mobile plant
  • Take note of collision points my mapping out the usual routes of pedestrians and see where they intersect with vehicles
  • Once you find these collision points, you need to introduce risk controls like safety signage, reversing beepers and convex mirrors
  • Lastly, take your safety plan, find a good place to display it, so all of your workers are able to see it and make sure they comply with it

How to Reduce Collision Risk with Traffic Management in Gold Coast

  • Start by making sure that all drivers you’ve hired are licensed to drive the specific vehicle
  • Next, ensure that every person on the site is familiar with the traffic management plan
  • Once they are familiar with the plan, remind your workers about their obligation to comply
  • Review your traffic management plan and consult an expert if needed
  • Finish by installing any additional tools like bollards, boom gates or pedestrian walkways

The Bottom Line

The last thing I should point out is that the best plans are devised in consultation with staff members. This means, before you even start developing the plan, you should consult with your drivers, site managers and other workers who are familiar with the worksite, like safety representatives.

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