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The perks of Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum Excavation And Its Perks – Get Vacced

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Vacuum excavation is the digging of the earth using a specialized vacuum which uses high-pressure water or air to break materials.  The colloquial name given to this procedure is “Soft Dig.” This process is widely accepted as it is safer than hand digging around underground facilities. This procedure makes it safe for workers on site to stay safe on the surface. This can prevent accidental line damage and trench cave-ins. This procedure can also be used to identify the depth of a utility accurately.

With both hydro and air vacuum excavation, companies are provided with a safer and better alternative.

Vacuum Excavation

Safe Digging With Hydro Vacuum Excavation


Hydro vacuum excavation from Get Vacced is a process involving safely uncovering underground utilities using high-pressure water along with high-speed vacuum. It is faster and more efficient than air excavation. Moreover, it does not allow for the reuse of the spoiled material to refill the hole. This procedure uses water to loosen the soil and dig a hole. Application of water helps in reducing the soil’s holding strength and in turn, helps to break the soil and suction them easily. Coupled with a vacuum mechanism, it helps in removing wet and muddy excavated material. In the case of frozen ground, hot water is first used for thawing the frozen ground, and then the process of digging is started. There are specialized Vac Truck (Vacuum Excavation) to carry out these procedures. Other possible applications include:

  • Replacement of pipes and fittings
  • Exploratory excavations
  • Renovation and new installation of pipelines and disposal lines.
  • Removal of gravel from flat roofs.
  • Leaf removal.

Advantages of Hydro Vacuum Excavation

  • This process is less invasive in nature compared to the other more common methods of excavation.
  • This process is very precise, leading to lesser disposal of materials and less restoration.
  • Requires lesser manpower, thus, reducing time-consuming manual labour.
  • All the dirt is stored in a separate debris tank keeping the area clean; thereby, it doesn’t cause any inconvenience to traffic or any damage to power lines.

Thus, efficiency and precision are the major advantages of using Hydro vacuum. It doesn’t cause any damage to underground pipelines and sewers, and thus, it is ideal for plumbing situations.

Air Vacuum Excavation

Air Vacuum Excavation is the process of air which is compressed to break through the earth which is then suctioned up into a debris tank. It is used to expose underground assets safely and allows backfill with dry material. However, Hydro Excavation is the preferred method nowadays with the number of additional benefits it holds.

Also, Labour Hire is not restricted to skilled labourers but also unskilled labourers of various departments such as construction, manufacturing, transport and logistics, trades and services.

Conclusion– Hydro Excavation is more superior to Air-Vacuum Excavation. It is pivotal to educate yourself with the advantages so that you can make full use of it. Also, Get Vacced hire labourers, skilled or unskilled, for vacuum excavation-related operations.

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