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Traffic Control Gold Coast: How Can You Land a Traffic Control Job?

Traffic control workers – or as some people refer to them, TCs – are in high demand in Gold Coast, Queensland. And the fact that so many people are seeking this job out is not really that surprising to me. After all, traffic control in Gold Coast provides flexible working hours, a chance to spend a few hours every day outdoors, and some other perks.

So if you’ve ever thought about becoming TC, this is the perfect time to get the training you need, earn the right qualifications and start applying for traffic control jobs. And I’m here to help you with the whole process. So without further ado, here (almost) everything you need to know about traffic control…

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Why is Traffic Control in Gold Coast so Important?

I’m sure you’ve seen more than a few TCs in the last few years. You can usually see those directing vehicles and keep the workers safe on roads across the country. These guys are responsible for a wide variety of tasks related to road safety, including setting up roadsides, controlling the traffic, etc.

You have to understand, safety within the traffic industry is not taken lightly. The biggest aspect of TC’s job is to make sure that everyone on a particular worksite is completely safe and that the traffic is running smoothly on the road. When you have a competent traffic controller on the job, accidents simply don’t occur.

What Qualifications do you need for Traffic Control?

Now that you understand why this job is so important, I’ll quickly explain what qualifications a person needs to land ra traffic control job.

First, you need to be 18 or older and you need to have a valid driver’s license. Since you’ll be working on a construction site, you also need a valid White or Blue Card. Of course, you have to be able to read and understand traffic signs.

Furthermore, the job requires you to lift heavy objects, so you need to be able to lift 10 kilograms – or more – a few times throughout the day. Last but not least, a traffic controller needs to be physically capable of completing a number of tasks assigned to them during their shift.

How Can You Become a Part of Traffic Control in Gold Coast?

In my humble opinion, the smartest thing to do is to check some entry-level traffic control courses online before you do anything else. Most courses offer a combination of theoretical and practical training that will prepare you for the job.

Theory will prepare you from all of those logical and problem-solving parts of the job, while practical training will give you an opportunity to see how traffic controllers spend their workdays on the job. What’s more, you’ll also learn how to properly communicate with your coworkers and how to keep everyone safe.

How to Find a Traffic Control Job in Gold Coast?

After you complete your training, you can start looking for a proper job. You can check sites like and that have good job listings. You can also contact local traffic control companies such as Get Directed and see ask about potential job openings.

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